Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black on Black X Cut Outs || Outfit of the Day

 photo DSC00828l_zpsb63b2dfb.jpg photo DSC00869lb_zps67842e8c.jpg photo DSC00863l_zps25bdc3fc.jpgWHAT I'M WEARING:Top & Hat {Forever 21}, Skirt {Love Culture}, Booties {Charlotte Russe}, Sheer Tights {Nordstrom Rack}, Black Knee High Socks {Target}.
 photo DSC00815l_zpsee30733e.jpg photo DSC00822l_zps446b01db.jpg photo DSC00817l_zps9f52c4b7.jpg photo DSC00889l_zpsaf345f3e.jpg photo DSC00885l_zps848b8f43.jpg

I added more things to my blog shop! I'm selling a lot of my cute clothes {many of them are only $5!} and they need a new home! Check out my "Shop my Closet" !
Shop my closet!
Shop my closet!
Shop my closet!

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All of the photos are taken by me. All of the clothes, accessories, and shoes were purchased by me, unless stated otherwise.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013 || What I got for Christmas

 photo IMG_0122t_zpsc23ef0ad.jpg photo IMG_0319l_zps29832143.jpg photo IMG_0127l_zps4a365aeb.jpg photo IMG_0124l_zps4834e954.jpg
Cute Sleepy Lamb Slippers from my Sister

Cute Korean Cosmetics from my Uncle, Auntie, and Cousin I honestly haven't touched them yet because right now they are waay too pretty to use {I just hold it and stare at it ehehehe c:}

iPad Mini from my parents  photo IMG_0146l_zps1c5eece1.jpg
My siblings and I c:
Could of been a nice christmas card if we didn't take this right on Christmas...aha :P

 photo IMG_0082l_zps5c1e208d.jpg photo IMG_0252l_zps0925922e.jpg photo IMG_0388l_zps4d1c60cf.jpg photo IMG_0259l_zps6f7e6b45.jpgGot these pretty lights after Christmas 50% off at Target C:
 photo IMG_0231l_zpsb911b67c.jpgYummy smelling Cranberry Twinkle Shower Gel and Lotion from my Auntie c: She also gave me a gorgeous beige scarf that you can wear multiple ways, and an Amazon gift card which I already spent ehehe c:

Thank you to everyone who gave me a gift! Your thank you cards are on there way to you hehe C: I really love each and every one of your gifts but I didn't have time to take pictures of all the gifts I got, so I'm really sorry about that!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer Review

E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer Review

 photo IMG_0084l_zpsd986fa12.jpg photo IMG_00802l_zps4fe0e97d.jpg When it comes to my skincare, foundation, and face primer, I tend to use high end make up brands since my skin is extremely sensitive and acne prone. The face primers I used before are Smashbox's photo finish face primer {clear one}, SMASHBOX Photo Finish More Than Primer - Blemish Control and their Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer. I also used Benefit's POREfessional Pore Minimizing Makeup Primer. It's about $30+ to buy just one of those face primers, which is ridiculous. I love those face primers but that's way too much just for one face primer; that money could go to buying food, more clothes {hehe :P} and my skincare products.
So it became my mission to find a good, affordable face primer. I always scan the ELF section at target because I pick up their Clear Lash and Brow Mascara, and every time I looked at their section, I became interested in their Mineral Infused Face Primer, but I kept thinking to myself since it's very cheap {only $3}, it will probably break me out or do something weird to my skin, so I always avoided it. However, one day I got fed up with trying to find an affordable primer, so I just grabbed it and purchased it because I was thinking it's very cheap to buy and I can just try it out for fun to see how it is. I didn't even read any reviews or anything.
I honestly wasn't expecting to like this product at all. The first time I used this primer, I was amazed. I couldn't believe how smoothly it went on my face. I guess I was expecting this primer to be all icky and gooey since it's only three dollars, but this stuff is absolutely amazing. The texture of it feels exactly like the Smashbox photo finish face primer. I can see this primer being an extremely close dupe to Smashbox's primer. This primer instantly matified my skin and controled the oils on my skin. I love how this primer comes in a bottle with a pump, it gives you the perfect amount needed to cover your entire face with just one pump and the pump creates a nonmessy application. If this primer came in a squeezable tube, I probably would of never even considered picking it up. Another thing that I love about this primer is that it doesn't break me out, which is very surprising because whenever I use affordable {cheap} make up products for the skin, they always manage to break me out.
For only $3, this primer is absolutely amazing, and I recommend this for all skin types.

 photo IMG_0026l_zpse43cf2ed.jpg

My skin type:
I have sensitive, acne prone, oily skin.
{I always mention my skin type because knowing someone's skin type plays a huge role in deciding whether or not I want the product whenever I read cosmetic reviews}

Very Very Affordable
The pump creates a nonmessy application, and dispenses the perfect amount needed to cover the entire face
Could be a dupe for the Smashbox Photofinish Face Primer
Goes on smoothly
Matifys skin
Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
Doesn't break me out


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